Leaking Shower Repairs Penrith

Leaking Shower Repairs Penrith

If you ignore a leaking shower, it could spell disaster for your home, as a leaking shower can cause irreversible damage to your building’s structure. So if you find your shower is leaking, don’t delay and get it looked at right away. Make sure you get a professional to analyse the damage, Call Shipways Plumbers today! We offer a 24/7 emergency service and same day call out. In some cases it might simply need re-grouting or silicone but in other slightly worse cases we can repair pipes, taps, shower heads, shower trays and we even offer re-tiling so it looks as good as new.

Work that needs to be done to fix a leaking shower

There are a number of different repair options for fixing a leaking shower, and a Shipways will be able to take you through them all. Before you attempt a DIY job, make sure you are on the right path by asking for expert advice.

Although we use our bathrooms every day, they are sometimes the most neglected rooms in the house. However, if you suspect your shower is leaking, don’t ignore the problem, because if the water seeps into the walls, the plumbing job could become a very expensive structural problem.

There are different ways to seal a leaking shower but it’s important it’s done in the right way for your bathroom, otherwise the problem could persist. To ensure this is done correctly, give Shipways a call to carry out an assessment of your leaking shower, providing you with an inspection report as to what the problem is and how it can be fixed. This is a service we offer at Shipways, so feel free to give us a call today.

Finding the cause of a leaking shower

As soon as you discover your shower is leaking, it’s important to find the cause. Firstly, if you know where the stop tap is in your house turn off the water supply. Stop taps are often found under the kitchen sink.

If all the water is running down the drain nicely and the floor of the shower is dry, you might find the shower is leaking through the wall or elsewhere. Inspect for watermarks and check your drain to see if the leakage is coming from there too. Sometimes it can be tough work to determine where a leak is coming from, and if this is the case and it is not obvious call Shipways for our expert advice. We can advise you over the phone what you need to do.

Problems can start in construction

If you are currently building or renovating a bathroom, it’s important to get it built correctly, because if it isn’t done right then it can lead to dampness or damage in the years to come. For example, if the shower wasn’t installed on level ground, water can get trapped in gaps underneath the shower unit and cause the damp to accumulate. This moisture can leave mould to grow, which isn’t healthy for you or your family. If you are planning on building a bathroom, or renovating an old one, this is something we can assist with so give us a call if you have any questions.

Give Shipways a call today

If you are looking for a high quality plumber to get the job done, give Shipways a call today. We are competitively priced for all your plumbing needs and can handle all different jobs, both large and small. We are very experienced, having been in the business for years, and our expertise means we have a fast turnaround for all your plumbing jobs. These jobs include – of course – fixing leaking showers. Best of all, we carry out a same day service and will leave your home clean and tidy.

If you suspect the shower in your bathroom may be leaking, give us a call on 02 4727 2727 to get the job done or complete the form and get a quote.