Leaking Blocked Toilet Repairs Penrith

Leaking Toilet Repairs Penrith

A leaking toilet is one of the most frustrating, and anxiety causing, situations for any property owner. When it works, your problems are flushed away; when it doesn’t…

Common causes of malfunctioning toilets

There are a range of different ways in which your toilet can malfunction. Each is best solved by swift and professional intervention. Here are the most common…

  • Faulty valve, often caused by a cracked or misaligned float, leading to continuous operation and subsequent leak
  • Damaged fill valve – this can be worn down simply by use, or by an accumulation of mineral deposits, and then fail to shut off as it should
  • Broken water tank – some kind of accident may lead to a crack or other damage – often not instantly visible to the naked eye – to the tank itself. Despite this, it continues to refill leading to an ongoing, persistent leak
  • Damage to the supply line – the connecting joints might wear out or loosen, eventually even rupture, and water leaks out at the weak points
  • Flapper damage – often caused by a stuck flush handle remaining in the down position, leading to a constant overflow. The flapper itself can also become warped, perhaps as a result of mineral build up
  • Tank ball or floater installation – if this has not been correctly completed, the flush valve might remain in the open position. As an internal leak, it is often unheard or unnoticed by the property owner
  • Toilet blockages – a variety of reasons can cause this situation. It can be as simple as someone trying to flush the unflushable and the curved trap area in the lower bowl area may become blocked. In some cases, a plumbing roof vent, if one is fitted, can be covered by anything from leaves to nesting birds. This reduces the drain’s flow. Another possible cause is external sewer line problems.

With so many potential causes leading to possible property damage from an unattended leak, plus precious water wastage and higher water charges – as well as the simple unpleasantness of a blockage, it’s obvious that swift professional help is the best course of action.

Why it pays to contact Shipways for Leaking Toilet Repairs

Penrith and other Western Suburbs property owners have, over the last fifteen years, increasingly turned to locally owned and operated Shipways Effective Plumbing services when such work is urgently required. Here’s why…

  • Swift turnaround times when dealing with those urgent leaks and unpleasant blockages
  • Responsive same day 24 hours a day, 7 days a week service right throughout the year
  • Honestly-priced services with no sudden and infuriating last-minute extras added to your bill
  • All our highly competitive upfront quotations are obligation free
  • Highly experienced licensed expert professional local team with more than six decades of combined and hard-won expertise – using the best of equipment for projects of all sizes, and proven to be right to effectively and properly deal with that blockage or leak
  • Always meeting, and often exceeding, the relevant Australian Standards for the work we undertake
  • A commitment to work at the best time for you, accepting that such work is often urgent, and to make sure we clean up after completion to leave your home clean and tidy

How can we help with your leaking toilet repairs?

You might know of an urgent or obvious leak problem that needs to be dealt with. Or perhaps you feel that your toilet bowl is not draining as it should and would like professional advice.

Contact us today if you have a  Leaking Toilet in need of repairs in Penrith on 0410 638 342 or 02 4727 2727