Kitchen Renovation Plumber Penrith

Kitchen Renovation Plumber Penrith

Are you renovating the kitchen in your home in Penrith? Even if it’s a DIY job, chances are you will need to call in the Kitchen Renovation Plumbing experts when it comes to the plumbing. And that’s where we can assist.

Getting started on your kitchen plumbing renovations

Although it’s exciting to remodel your kitchen, sometimes it can also feel like a daunting task, as a lot of work is required to get it right. Although a lot of thought might go into choosing the right cabinets and appliances for your new kitchen, it is equally important to focus on the parts of the kitchen you might not be able to immediately see, like the plumbing. With most kitchen renovations, it’s likely the plumbing needs to be modified to suit the new layout, and it’s important to carefully consider what these changes might involve before you start to drastically alter your kitchen space.

Think about what you plan to move

When you are moving major areas of your kitchen space – such as switching the location of your sink – it’s worth speaking to an expert about what this will entail. For example, you might need to reroute your plumbing layout or even move electricity circuits if you are changing the layout of your kitchen in a major way.

Get a plumber’s advice before you make large changes, to ensure your kitchen renovation doesn’t blow the budget on unexpected costs.

If you need to reroute your plumbing

If you need to change the location of your plumbing systems, then you’ll need to call in a plumber to get the job done. Shipways can come to your house and give you advice on where the plumbing needs to move to, to adhere to the design of your new kitchen. Although this can take time upfront, it can save you money in the long-term.

Think about the shutoff systems for your appliances

The major areas of your kitchen – such as your sink space, fridge and dishwater – should all feature shutoffs. These shutoffs will stop water from leaking into your kitchen appliances, avoiding expensive damage from occurring.

A plumber who knows what they are doing will ensure these shutoffs are all correctly in place, giving you more control over the plumbing in your home. Shutoffs also help plumbers from getting into the back of your appliances to carry out plumbing work.

Consider modern plumbing for your new kitchen

If you previously had old pipes – perhaps even ones made from lead or other materials – it’s worth upgrading these plumbing systems to more modern ones, such as PVC. This will ensure your new kitchen stays watertight for years to come, and also means the water within your kitchen doesn’t become contaminated as the years go by.

Think about new plumbing

If you are adding new appliances to your kitchen renovation, such as a fridge with an ice-maker, you will need to think about the fact these appliances will need plumbing connections.

Make sure you discuss every appliance that is being hooked up to your new kitchen with your plumber, so they can ensure you have all the necessary plumbing in place.

Ready for the remodel

Remodelling a new kitchen takes time and patience, but with the right plumber behind you, it can be done headache-free.

At Shipways, we complete all kitchen renovation plumbing jobs to a high standard, handling projects large and small, and at a competitive price. Our very experienced team ensures that every job we do results in kitchen renovations Penrith residents can rely on. The work will be completed with a fast turnaround, and our professional plumbers will leave your home clean and tidy.

If you are renovating your kitchen, need a plumber and are located in the Penrith area of western Sydney or surrounding area, get in touch today!

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