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Solar hot water systems tend to be more cost-effective than other types of hot water systems. They harness energy from the sun and heat up your water at no cost so you do not have to think about monthly heating bills. Shipways Effective Plumbing are the experts in Solar Hot Water installation and repair in Penrith. With our many years’ experience you can trust us to fix all types of solar hot water systems. We offer trustworthy advice on the best solar models to install and our team is highly trained and qualified to maintain professionalism, provide results and fast turnaround times.

Why choose us for solar hot water installation?

If you are looking for a local Penrith service provider that will not disappoint, we are here for you. We are well trained and skilled in both commercial and residential solar water systems. Whether you need a new installation or a repair to an existing system, we are always ready to complete the task even in emergency situations. We are certified and licensed to offer solar hot water installations and also offer repair services. Our expert fitters provide excellent, high-quality services in the supply and fitting of new systems and strive to deliver same-day services in the repair of old systems.

Once you contact us to install or repair your solar hot water system, we will offer you our knowledge and advice on the best brands of solar systems. One of our qualified plumbers will diagnose the types of repairs needed, quickly and easily. We carry out a full check before settling for any repair procedure.

If there is a need to remove and dispose of the old system, we will advise you about the most reliable model to install. We are not affiliated with any manufacturer and our advice is purely based on the experience our clients have had with the available models. We strive to ensure that the repair of your solar hot water is done quickly and efficiently.

Solar water heating system repair

For solar systems to work efficiently and reduce wastage of energy, they require periodic inspection and regular maintenance. From time to time, the components of the systems may need repair or replacement depending on their condition and functionality. It is vital to take the necessary precaution to prevent corrosion, scaling, and freezing.

Most homeowners can handle basic repairs on their own, but there are some that require a professional touch. A professional will tell you that sometimes it is more cost-effective to remove, replace or completely shut off some systems than to have them repaired. Some broken systems, once fixed, will require periodic repairs, which will be more costly in the long run. You can ask us for a cost estimate before we handle any repair or installation work on your solar hot water systems.

Cost estimates for solar hot water installation

Although solar water heating systems cost more than conventional systems, they will save you more in maintenance and your day-to-day usage. The amount of money you save in the long run depends on:

    • The performance of the system
    • The amount of water used in your household
    • Amount of solar resource available depending on geographic location
    • Cost of fuel used for backup purposes, if any
    • Cost of conventional fuels
    • Available incentives and financing

12-month Service Guarantee

It is expected that solar hot water heater systems should reduce your bills by more than 50%. The cost of solar hot water repair will depend on the diagnosis done by our Shipways Effective Plumbing expert fitters. We offer you a 12-month service guarantee for all the services we provide.

Call or visit us today at Shipways Effective Plumbing and consult us for high-quality repair services.

Shipways Effective Plumbing specialise in all types of solar hot water systems including heat pumps systems, low line solar systems and hi line solar systems.

In today’s market place there are more and more clients requesting information about solar hot water, and with the government and STC rebates available solar hot water systems are becoming more affordable than ever.

Studies have shown that savings of between $300 to $700 per annum will be saved if you change over to a Solar system. Contact the Solar Hot Water specialists today to find out how we can help you.

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