Hot Water System Tips and Hints

Would you like your hot water heater to last as long as possible?

Well there are a few things that Shipways Effective Plumbing can share with you to make sure this will happen. To ensure longer life of your tank there are a few important steps to take to make this happen and to keep the manufacturer’s warranty valid.

relief value

Lift the valve handle every six months

It is very important to lift the handle on the pressure temperature relief valve (PTR) to ensure that the internal parts are moving freely and it reseals automatically. Please take care as when you do this as hot water should stream out of the discharge pipe on to the ground.

Did you know that this valve is supposed to drip every day?

A lot of customers see it dripping and think the valve is faulty. This is not necessarily true, I generally advise my customers to fit a bucket underneath the discharge pipe to measure the amount of water in a 24hr period. If the amount exceeds 3% of the tanks capacity in this time the valve is faulty. Contact Shipways Effective Plumbing for a plumber to come out and test the valve and service the hot water heater.

Once the valve has been changed the plumber than needs to inspect the other valves and test the temperature of the water to make sure that there isn’t any other factor that caused the PTR valve to fail.


Important service every five years [This is a legal requirement]

Many customers have not been made aware that every 5 years by law the PTR valve must be changed as this valve is a safety valve which potentially stops your hot water heater tank becoming a ticking time bomb. The purpose of the PTR valve is to release any excess pressure or temperature from the tank so it doesn’t explode and that is why by law every 5 years they must be changed.

Sacrificial Anode Inspection

At the same time the plumber can inspect if possible the sacrificial anode to see if this also may need to be changed. The reason that the tank has an anode is so that this corrodes first before your tank starts corroding.


Pressure Limiting Valve Testing

The pressure limiting valve should also be tested at the same time to ensure it is limiting the pressure at the correct amount. If this is not the case the life of the tank will dramatically decrease, due to excess pressure on the internal welds of the cylinder.

If this is the case the manufactures warranty will definitely be void. To carry out a 5 year service and testing usually takes around ½ hour.
It is a small price to pay for peace of mind that you will have trouble free and longer life of your hot water heater. Make an appointment today with Shipways Effective Plumbing on 0410 638 342.

Is your hot water tank leaking from the cylinder?

If you have noticed water leaking from the tank it doesn’t always mean that the tank needs replacing. Our plumbing staff have years of experience in the hot water field and are able to repair hot water tanks in many cases when other simply cannot or they don’t offer to try.

Is your hot water temperature safe?

There has been a new legislation introduced that in New South Wales that all hot water heaters providing hot water for sanitary fixtures cannot exceed 50 C.

Can you just simple turn the thermostat down to 50 C? The answer is no. If this is done it will encourage the growth of legionella bacteria in the water.

To prevent the water from doing this the minimal temperature is 60 C.

To achieve both key temperatures a valve called a tempering valve needs to be install usually at the side of the hot water tank.
This valve is connected to both the hot line and cold line, so when the tap is turned on it will automatically pass the 60 C water through the valve and mix with cold water to achieve the maximum 50 Celsius temperature.

Why was the legislation introduced?

Each year approximately 6,000 people a year attend hospital with third degrees burns from hot water from house hold accidents.
At 60 C degree hot water it only takes one second to get a third degree burn to the skin as oppose to 50 C degree hot water takes up to five minutes to receive a third degree burn to the skin.

A 10 degree drop of water temperature is the difference from spending a long time in hospital recovering than just a small amount of pain.
You have to ask yourself the question? Is it worth not having this valve installed for a price that can make all the difference to either yourself or your love ones?

Can you tell the difference in the temperature?

I get asked all the time this question because customers believe that they will have to have cold showers. The answer to the question is simply NO. Once the valve has been installed 50 C hot water will be delivered at the tap, and I ask customers to hold their hand under the hot water for as long as they can but they can only do it for a very short time because the water is still quite hot.

Make an appointment today with Shipways Effective Plumbing on 0410 638 342 to have a plumber install a tempering valve today, which will only take between ½ hour to 1 hour to install.

At Shipways Effective Plumbing all of our service vehicles are always kept well stocked of most parts for any required repairs or service, which means there is no down time going back and forward to supplies which can result in costing the customer additional costs.

Fastest hot water tank replacement in the west!

At Shipway’s Effective Plumbing if the hot water heater is not repairable, we will give you a written quotation on the spot and if you decide to go ahead with the new installation our plumbers will start draining and removing the old tank and have the new tank already on its way so you don’t go without hot water.

No cold showers for Shipway’s Effective Plumbing customers.

If your hot water tank is not repairable or there isn’t a tank available that suits your needs a loan tank will be installed so our customers will never have to experience unnecessary cold showers.

It’s just another part of Shipways Effective Plumbing customer service experience. Our aim is always to be there at your door step on the same day as you have made the appointment.

Just contact us on 0410638342 and give us a try and you’ll be surprised with the extra measures we go to provide you with the best service and prompt installation.

Phone us today on 0410638342 to find the right hot water heater for your household needs.