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gas storage tank

What are Gas Storage Hot Water Systems?

The storage tanks range from 135 to 170 litres and also range from 4 to 6 star energy efficiency rating. This hot water system is considered to be the second most commonly used hot water heater on the market.

This system consists of a cylinder usually mounted on the ground which uses a gas burner to heat the water.

These units can be ordered for either natural gas or LP gas to suit your requirements. This unit is not classed as a solar and does not apply for any rebates. This unit is not classed as a solar heater and does not attract any government hot water rebates.


  • The high efficient models can reheat the tanks capacity within an hour.
  • Cheaper than a solar installation set up.
  • Can run multiple showers at the same time.
  • Long life.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoors (specific models).
  • Easily repaired and are inexpensive.
  • Wastes minimal water through the cycle.
  • They only require a small gas pipe.
  • Do not require any electricity.


  • They have a larger carbon footprint than solar units.
  • They are relatively more expensive to run than a solar installation.
  • Will need either natural or LP gas meter installation.

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