Gas Instant Hot Water Penrith

Gas Instant Hot Water Penrith

What are Gas Instantaneous Hot Water Systems?

These units are becoming more and more popular for a number of reasons, the water is heated from a gas burner which the water passes through a heat exchanger to heat the water. The size can range from 20 to a 32 litre model and these units can be ordered in either Natural gas or LP gas.


  • Usually cheaper than a solar installation set up.
  • Minimal maintenance.
  • Long life.
  • Suitable for either indoor and out doors depending the model chosen.
  • Small area taken up on the wall. Great for small court yards.
  • They can be ordered with a tempering valve inbuilt.


  • They have a larger carbon footprint than solar system.
  • They are relatively more expensive to run than a solar installation.
  • Most models require a power point.
  • They do use more water than an electric model or storage gas.
  • They require Natural Gas or LP gas system installed.
  • They require a larger gas pipe.
  • Is limited of the water temperature rise from cold, approximately 35 c rise.
  • Water saving devices may need to be adjusted to allow the flow.
  • Recommend only using one shower at a time.
  • Water temperature can fluctuate if another tap is turned on.

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