Hot Water Expert Plumbers in Penrith

Hot Water Expert Plumbers in Penrith

Hot Water Systems

No one likes cold showers! Shipways Effective Plumbing fix your hot water problem quickly, or get you all set up with a new system. Steaming hot water, on tap.

Supply and installation of new hot water systems

Choosing the right hot water system for your home can be confusing. You need a system that’s reliable and efficient. One that caters to the needs of your household now and still does the job in five years’ time.

There so many hot water systems on the market. Shipways is not affiliated with any one brand, so we give you honest advice. We supply and service:

We help you work out what you need, then our licensed plumbers and gas fitters install it for you.

Hot Water System Repairs

When your hot water system breaks, no one wants to borrow the neighbour’s bathroom! We’ll sort out your hot water fast.

We carry a large range of spare parts for most brands of hot water heaters. Often it only takes one visit to diagnose the problem, and we repair the issue on the spot.

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