Grey Water Services Penrith

Grey Water Services Penrith

Grey water plumbing services to the Penrith Area

Shipways Effective Plumbing provides grey water plumbing services to the Penrith area. One of the services we often provide is that of Grey water recycling. Given Australia’s extreme temperatures our gardens can take a hit with season changes and unknown weather conditions from year to year. With Australians becoming more and more conscious of climate change and the cost of living Penrith plumbers have experienced and increase in grey water recycling installation and maintenance.

What is Greywater/Sullage

Well Greywater is generally defined as wastewater. This wastewater is a in the form of water passing/flushing through drains from showers, baths, toilets, basins and laundry sinks which can be recycled easily for uses such as flushing of toilets, irrigation of gardens.

Greywater is very different to the discharge/flushing of toilets which is called sewage/blackwater as it contains waste products. Whilst sewage can then be treated to limit pollution and health risks, before it is returned to the environment it is not suitable for this process to occur in the home environment.

The most common request that Shipways Effective Plumbers Penrith receives is the request for the water to be re-directed from the laundry sink to be reused as greywater for the irrigation of plants around the home. Generally the contaminants of greywater (such as food particles) are beneficial nutrients to the plants and aid in their growth. This being said though salt and soap residue can be toxic plant life however there is still value in recycling this water to maintain an evergreen grassed area in your backyard.

Greywater Irrigation

Greywater breaks down effectively however it must not be consumed as fresh water is. Putting it simply we do not drink a glass of soap suds? Not only due to the assumed faul taste, but because of the chemicals within the products we use to wash our dishes and clean our clothing products. The irrigation of Greywater should be installed below the surface where possible (e.g. via drip line on top of the soil of under garden mulch) it should not sprayed, as there is a danger of inhaling water particals.

Home water recycling (greywater) is beneficial for the garden, it can easily be used immediately or it can even be stored for a short amount of time for scheduled watering times (eg. Within 24 hours, perhaps and evening watering cycle). It is never safe to drink recycled water/greywater.

In any greywater system it is important to avoid using toxic chemical like bleach, bath salts, dyes, chlorine-based cleansers, strong acids, solvents, as these products can be toxic to plants. These are just a few considerations to contemplate when considering whether installing a greywater system.

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