Commercial Plumbing Penrith

Commercial Plumbing Penrith

Got a commercial premises with a plumbing problem? Or have you started a commercial construction job and need a plumber to assist with the commercial plumbing? At Shipways, we can help!

What is commercial plumbing?

Commercial plumbing goes further than simply installing faucets or laying pipes around a site. At Shipways, we assist with a number of different installation and maintenance jobs for the plumbing on your commercial sites. These tasks can include removing waste and installing water supply systems on buildings such as shops, housing complexes, apartments or office blocks.

The work we do at Shipways

Our commercial plumbing includes installing water fixtures such as drinking fountains in schools, or doing the plumbing for bathrooms and kitchens in apartment complexes. We can connect sprinkler systems, install sewer lines and put pipes into the ground. No job is too big or small for us at Shipways. And furthermore, we will also assist in the maintenance of commercial buildings, years after they may have been constructed. This can include fixing drain leaks and repairing pipes that might have burst.

Making commercial plumbing work uncomplicated

It can seem daunting to think about the plumbing work required for a commercial job. But at Shipways, we take this work in our stride, completing commercial plumbing work with ease. In a large shopping centre, we might do the plumbing work for not only the kitchen facilities and restaurants, but the bathrooms too. Or at a school we might do the plumbing in the staff room, common room and bathrooms as part of the one job. No task is too big or small.

Procedures in place make the task easy

Because we have been operating for a long time, we have procedures in place to carry out installation, repair work and maintenance with ease. This professionalism ensures we get the job done correctly, each and every time. One of the most important roles for a commercial plumber is to ensure the water supply doesn’t become contaminated through their work. This is something we take seriously and this professionalism can be seen in the work we carry out on every commercial job we complete.

How the process works

At the start of the job, we set up the exterior plumbing systems before we move on to the inside. We establish what we need for each room and set to work on the installation of bathroom sinks, toilets or other areas. In most public buildings, we also work at installing fire sprinklers for added safety. If we are fitting out an apartment building, we might also install boilers or water heaters.

We put safety first

As tradies, we know how important it is to put safety first, which is why all our staff are trained in the latest health and safety measures. These safety steps ensure our installations are done perfectly, while the waterways are kept clear and safe to drink for years to come. Our business is across the latest health codes and regulations for NSW, ensuring your plumbing will comply with local laws once complete

We leave the site clean

At Shipways, we always leave the site clean and tidy for the next tradie to use. This is just one of the high quality service points we take time and care to maintain while we carry out your job. And if your commercial plumbing work isn’t too large a job, we can also promise a same-day service.

Areas we service

We carry out commercial plumbing work in the Penrith area of western Sydney and also cover the surrounding areas.

Shipways is the business to trust

As a competitively priced business that’s very experienced within the industry, Shipways is the company to trust for your jobs requiring a fast turnaround.

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