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Experienced Plumber in Penrith

Western Sydney plumbers who get to the root of the problem.

Burst pipes and blocked toilets. Sky-high water bills. Dramas with your hot water, taps or drains. Plumbing problems wreak havoc in your home, your schedule and your budget.

So when you need the problem fixed for good, trust the plumbers with Western Sydney know-how.

True locals with the inside knowledge

We’ll be out to your place in no time. We’re based in Penrith and Mulgoa, so our plumbers are never far away. And because we’ve been in business for over 10 years, with 60+ years’ combined experience, we know the Western Sydney and Lower Blue Mountains plumbing system inside out. Where the sewer pipes run. Where the water pressure drops.

How does our local knowledge help you? It eliminates the guesswork. We get straight to the root of the problem, so your plumbing is back to full power, faster.

An honest price.

We talk you through what needs to be done, and give you a range of prices right there on the spot. From optimal repair to band-aid fix, it’s your call. You gain clarity and control over the level of repairs, based on your budget.

And when we give you a quote, it shows the real cost of our services and doing the work on your property. Other plumbers quote artificially inflated ‘standard prices’ to cover the other ‘free’ quotes they did that day. With Shipways, you pay for the quality of service you receive.

Why choose us

  • Get it fixed for good: we’re the thorough plumbers. We never cut corners.
  • Why wait: same day emergency service
  • Buy local: our success stands on our reputation in our community
  • You’re covered: we service all of Western Sydney and the lower Blue Mountains, from Springwood to Camden and beyond
  • Upfront price: a quote that reflects the real cost of your job (no inflated ‘fixed prices’)
  • Fully licensed: our plumbers are qualified, and all our work meets the Australian standard — or exceeds it.

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